Struggling To Create and Implement a DEI Plan for Your Business or Organization?

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Have the desire to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace but not seeing results on your own?  Don't know where to even start or the fear of doing it wrong has you doing nothing? 


See quick win results in 30 days, develop an actionable and effective DEI plan in 90 days.

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You Can Embed Equity Everywhere (E3) in Your Organization

Learn my step-by-step system to make equity an action and use it to:


  • Quickly assess your current level of inclusiveness and identify specific actions for improvement  

  •  Identify your exact DEI problem or opportunity and how to address it with proven-effective strategies

  • Increase your efficacy in understanding and meeting the needs of diverse clients and customers

  • Expand your DEI efforts in lasting areas of change like economics and community investment

  • Become an employer of choice that attracts and retains the best and most engaged talent

You can move the needle on equity both within and outside of your company or organization!

In the Embed Equity Everywhere (E3) Coaching Program, you’ll learn how to finally move your DEI strategic plan from idea to implementation.


In The Next 3 Months, You Could…

  • Assess and prioritize specific actions for greatest DEI impact
  • Implement a DEI quick win in 30 days
  • Have a comprehensive DEI strategy & implementation plan ready to roll out to your stakeholders

The right coach and content can make all the difference. You'll learn how to put your intentions and goals into action in the Embed Equity Everywhere (E3) Coaching Program.


E3 Coaching Program for Businesses and Organizations

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You ready to stop thinking and spinning your wheels and start strategically actioning DEI in your organization or business?

This 12-week hybrid online, group and private coaching solution will teach you research-based insights, values-based strategic planning, and evidence-based tools and tactics to create and sustain impactful DEI results. You’ll learn how to:

  • Thoroughly assess your areas of greatest need and impact
  • Strategize your efforts for maximum return on investment
  • Implement immediate, medium, and long-term DEI initiatives 
  • Evaluate your success with customized performance measures
  • Effectively communicate your DEI efforts and impact to stakeholders

With culturally relevant and research-based tools and best practices, and practical step-by-step expert coaching, you could start making and sustaining the change you want to see in your business, organization, and community.

What's Included In The E3 Program?

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Flexible Hybrid Model To Fit Your Schedule and Needs

  • On-demand content with over 4 hours of video instruction for you to watch, listen, learn, and take incremental action toward your DEI goals at your own pace.

  • Virtual live coaching sessions and online platform makes access convenient from your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • You start as soon as your register! Pre-Coaching Prep begins right away to set you up for success.

  • Weekly drop-in Office Hours to get coaching on your unique questions and circumstances, and to learn from others' coaching and shared experiences. Recordings are uploaded each week if you miss a session.

  • Personalized and scientifically-validated inclusion assessment option that provides your baseline DEI data and actionable steps to be more inclusive in the workplace.  No more guessing how inclusive you are, and how to actually do better once you know better.

  • Private coaching options to discuss any DEI or leadership challenge in-depth.

  • Downloadable DEI action planning, implementation, and evaluation worksheets and digital tools with weekly live video "how-to" sessions.

  • Option to submit up to 50 pages of DEI-relevant company documents and communication for review and comment by doctoral-level executive leadership and DEI experts.  

  • E3 Hotline option to have an expert DEI and leadership coach answer your questions directly between coaching sessions.

This DEI Coaching Program Is For You If...

  • You are committed to creating and maintaining an equitable workplace, business or company
  • You want to move from theory to results with "how-to" instruction and support from a DEI expert
  • You have lots of unique scenarios and questions you want answered without judgment
  • You want to move beyond lip service and inspirational speakers and do the work
  • You want to be proud of being an accomplice in tackling bias, inequity, and disparity.

I'm Camille Broussard Wise, Ed.D.

Founder & CEO  

Hello and Welcome to Wise Leadership Consulting!  I'm Camille, but some of my clients prefer to call me Dr. Wise.  I am a career public administration executive, college professor, leadership coach, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultant. I've combined my academic and professional expertise with the intention to embed equity within and throughout organizations and companies, starting with their current and future leaders. You!

I'm what's called a "scholar-practitioner", that means I teach, research, and work in my academic field which is Leadership & Management.  This is important for you because that means I'm coaching you from a research-based and real-life perspective.  I've led teams of up to 200 employees, overseen funds up to $20M, and successfully managed high-visibility initiatives, community-based programs, sensitive political issues, and multiple facilities. As a professor, I taught and mentored masters and doctoral students in the areas of leadership, DEI, and scholarly research methods for theses and dissertations.

My educational and professional accomplishments, as well as my lived experience as a Black woman in leadership, make me uniquely poised to coach and train seasoned and aspiring leaders alike. I use a “research-to-real life” approach to make complex leadership and DEI theory practical and relevant to your desired results.

Work with me to achieve your career and leadership goals!


What Our Clients Have To Say...

Hi, my name is Kris Plachy. I am the creator of the How To CEO program for female entrepreneurs and I want to talk a little bit about my work with Dr. Camille Broussard Wise. She and I started working together several years ago. She was a really bright light for me at a time when we have a lot of people in my program, and including myself, who were searching for ways to authentically connect with conscious inclusion, and having discussions around that to help entrepreneurs think through and create processes, and beliefs, and systems that really supported who they were authentically. But also we're incredibly inclusive and insightful for so many different potential clients and customers.

- Kris Plachy, CEO and Creator of How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs

My name is Mary Miele, and I run a company called Evolved Education. We provide tutoring and education consulting as well as school placement from nursery through college. We have worked with Dr. Camille Wise for about a year now, and it’s been absolutely amazing.  No one makes you connect to a topic better than Dr. Wise.  She is amazingly brilliant and connective, thoughtful, resourceful, and she will make sure that whatever time you spend with her you will meet your objective and more.  I can’t really say more wonderful things about her, and I hope that this helps more people to have access to Dr. Wise and her consulting.

- Mary Miele, CEO of Evolved Education

Working with Wise Leadership Consulting for executive leadership and DEI coaching was inspiring, informative and eye-opening. Dr. Wise is a gifted teacher, advisor and mentor. She coached me through an Inclusive Behaviors Assessment, and provided thoughtful, thorough and candid feedback in an approachable and kind way that made it easy to apply immediate changes.

- Vanya Shekell, Chief People Officer & Partner of Flour+Water Hospitality Group

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