Why Don't You Have A DEI Strategy & Action Plan?

Any of these reasons sound familiar?

  • I want to focus on DEI but I don't know what I need or even where to start. 

  • I run a small to midsized business with a small team and I can't afford to invest in DEI right now

  • I'm not aware of any systemic oppression issues in my company so DEI is a lower priority 

  • It's not that I don't care, it's that the whole concept is just too overwhelming

  • I ALREADY invested in DEI speakers and training but I didn't really get actionable results from it

What if I told you there's a step-by-step, proven effective solution that meets your requirements for maximum DEI impact and ROI?

In the Embed Equity Everywhere (E3) Coaching Program, you’ll get actionable DEI solutions tailored to your goals that you can sustain.

I'M IN!!!
Take A Peek Inside The 

E3 Coaching Program for Businesses and Organizations


What's Included In The E3 Program?

Inclusive Behaviors Inventory Assessment (IBI)

We are certified to administer and debrief the IBI that, unlike assessments that provide blanket data about the organization’s inclusiveness, the IBI provides data on individual behavior allowing change at both the individual and organizational level. The IBI is a scientifically valid and reliable tool to help clients:

  1. Gain a greater awareness of their own sources of bias and levels of inclusiveness
  2. Learn how to build on strengths and address key areas for development
  3. Become an inclusion champion and help improve inclusivity within their organization
  4. Broaden inclusive actions to address a wide range of styles, characteristics, and groups

You'll finish this assessment with a custom IBI report that identifies your specific DEI areas of focus for improvement, and a live debrief of your report's findings with your coach.


Identify DEI Touchpoints & Levers of Change

DEI is experienced differently by all based on several factors. Learn the nine most common functions or areas where the greatest DEI challenges and opportunities occur in the workplace from different vantage points.  In this unit you will:

  • Identify the DEI Touchpoints in your workplace¬†environment, as well as interactions with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Identify specific Levers of Change you can activate to improve DEI Touchpoint experiences.¬†
  • Conduct a DEI needs assessment to pinpoint exactly what DEI problem or opportunity you want to address.

You’ll finish this unit with an inventory of DEI efforts you will do or have already done, along with your Inclusive Behaviors Assessment (IBI) results to draft your DEI Action Plan.


Create Your DEI Action Plan (Tools & Tactics)

With a solid understanding of what your DEI effort options are, where you want to focus your efforts, and baseline data on your current level of inclusiveness you'll be ready to identify the tools needed for the job. In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • Why most DEI efforts aren't effective and how you can avoid common pitfalls
  • What company tools you already have that you'll use to set yourself up for success
  • How to set up the appropriate infrastructure to support your DEI efforts and goals

You’ll finish this unit with a customized high-level DEI Strategy and infrastructure design to accomplish your goals.


Create Your DEI Action Plan (Team)

The secret to any initiative's success is in the membership and resourcing of the team. In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • What your DEI Consultant or Team wishes you knew
  • What your DEI Consultant or Team needs to know from you
  • How to create goals, roles, and key performance indicators for your DEI Team and for Leadership

You’ll finish this unit with DEI key performance indicators, and how to best support your team to get your desired results.


Implement & Manage Change Effectively

There's an art to making change feel like it's happening for your team instead of to your team. In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • The key components to leading change effectively and gaining buy-in
  • How to diagnose and treat common change management woes
  • How to anticipate and address the impact of change on your stakeholders

You’ll finish this unit with a Change Readiness Audit to identify strengths and weaknesses of your DEI Action Plan prior to implementation.


Communicate Your Plan to Your Stakeholders

Your DEI messaging can miss the mark terribly if not designed and delivered effectively.  In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • Why communicating DEI efforts is complex and how to make it less intimidating
  • How to connect with your audiences and what they care about most
  • The best mediums and modes of communication for you and your audiences

You’ll finish this unit with a DEI communication strategy that is authentic and impactful.


Create DEI Accountability & Performance Measures

For any initiative to be effective and sustainable it needs measures for accountability and performance. In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • How to hold yourself and others accountable to meet individual and organizational goals
  • How to easily collect and analyze DEI data you can use to measure your impact
  • How to continuously improve and grow your DEI efforts organically and authentically

You’ll finish this unit with customized DEI performance measures and accountability tools aligned to your specific goals.

Flexible Hybrid Model To Fit Your Schedule and Needs

  • On-demand content with over 4 hours of video instruction for you to watch, listen, learn, and take incremental action toward your DEI goals at your own pace.

  • Virtual live coaching sessions and online platform makes access convenient from your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • You start as soon as your register! Pre-Coaching Prep begins right away to set you up for success.

  • Weekly drop-in Office Hours to get coaching on your unique questions and circumstances, and to learn from others' coaching and shared experiences. Recordings are uploaded each week if you miss a session.

  • Personalized and scientifically-validated inclusion assessment that provides your baseline DEI data and actionable steps to be more inclusive in the workplace.  No more guessing how inclusive you are, and how to actually do better once you know better.

  • Private coaching options to discuss any DEI or leadership challenge in-depth.

  • Downloadable DEI action planning, implementation, and evaluation worksheets and digital tools with weekly live video "how-to" sessions.

  • Option to submit up to 50 pages of DEI-relevant company documents and communication for review and comment by doctoral-level executive leadership and DEI experts.  

  • E3 Hotline option to have an expert DEI and leadership coach answer your questions directly between coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This DEI Coaching Program Is For You If...

  • You are committed to creating and maintaining an equitable workplace, business or company
  • You want to move from theory to results with "how-to" instruction and support from a DEI expert
  • You have lots of unique scenarios and questions you want answered without judgment
  • You want to move beyond lip service and inspirational speakers and do the work
  • You want to be proud of being an accomplice in tackling bias, inequity, and disparity.

I'm Camille Broussard Wise, Ed.D.

Founder & CEO  

Hello and Welcome to Wise Leadership Consulting!  I'm Camille, but some of my clients prefer to call me Dr. Wise.  I am a career public administration executive, college professor, leadership coach, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultant. I've combined my academic and professional expertise with the intention to embed equity within and throughout organizations and companies, starting with their current and future leaders. You!

I'm what's called a "scholar-practitioner", that means I teach, research, and work in my academic field which is Leadership & Management.  This is important for you because that means I'm coaching you from a research-based and real-life perspective.  I've led teams of up to 200 employees, overseen funds up to $20M, and successfully managed high-visibility initiatives, community-based programs, sensitive political issues, and multiple facilities. As a professor, I taught and mentored masters and doctoral students in the areas of leadership, DEI, and scholarly research methods for theses and dissertations.

My educational and professional accomplishments, as well as my lived experience as a Black woman in leadership, make me uniquely poised to coach and train seasoned and aspiring leaders alike. I use a “research-to-real life” approach to make complex leadership and DEI theory practical and relevant to your desired results.

Work with me to achieve your career and leadership goals!


What Our Clients Have To Say...

Hi, my name is Kris Plachy. I am the creator of the How To CEO program for female entrepreneurs and I want to talk a little bit about my work with Dr. Camille Broussard Wise. She and I started working together several years ago. She was a really bright light for me at a time when we have a lot of people in my program, and including myself, who were searching for ways to authentically connect with conscious inclusion, and having discussions around that to help entrepreneurs think through and create processes, and beliefs, and systems that really supported who they were authentically. But also we're incredibly inclusive and insightful for so many different potential clients and customers.

- Kris Plachy, CEO and Creator of How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs

My name is Mary Miele, and I run a company called Evolved Education. We provide tutoring and education consulting as well as school placement from nursery through college. We have worked with Dr. Camille Wise for about a year now, and it’s been absolutely amazing.  No one makes you connect to a topic better than Dr. Wise.  She is amazingly brilliant and connective, thoughtful, resourceful, and she will make sure that whatever time you spend with her you will meet your objective and more.  I can’t really say more wonderful things about her, and I hope that this helps more people to have access to Dr. Wise and her consulting.

- Mary Miele, CEO of Evolved Education

Working with Wise Leadership Consulting for executive leadership and DEI coaching was inspiring, informative and eye-opening. Dr. Wise is a gifted teacher, advisor and mentor. She coached me through an Inclusive Behaviors Assessment, and provided thoughtful, thorough and candid feedback in an approachable and kind way that made it easy to apply immediate changes.

- Vanya Shekell, Chief People Officer & Partner of Flour+Water Hospitality Group

Embed Equity Everywhere

in Your Business or Organization

Essential Access


On-Demand, Self-Paced Course

  1. One Inclusive Behaviors Inventory Assessment and report, with a 55-minute virtual debrief session.
  2. Online Embed Equity Everywhere (E3) course curriculum
  3. Downloadable DEI Action Planning worksheets & templates

Premium Access


On-Demand Course, Private Coaching & Document Review

  1. Online Embed Equity Everywhere (E3) course curriculum
  2. Downloadable DEI Action Planning worksheets & templates
  • Live virtual Q & A 60-minute session¬†per week
  • Inclusive Behaviors Inventory Assessments and reports for up to¬†25¬†employees, with a 75-minute group debrief and Q&A session
  • 2¬†private 55-minute coaching sessions for Executive Team
  • DEI document review & comment for up to 50 pages of content (ex: employee handbooks, strategic plans, DEI landing page, etc.)¬†
  • E3 Hotline for weekly Q&A support with audio, text, and video format options

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