Get The Leadership KSA's You Need To Make The Impact & Income You Want 

Some say the best leaders are born and not made.  Don't let stereotypes and personality tests tell you that you there aren't leadership core competencies and knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's) that can be developed with the right curriculum and coach. Welcome to Wise Leadership Consulting where we provide exactly that to build your leadership competence and confidence.  We continue to be amazed by what our clients go on to do! What will you do with all that newfound bada$$ery? 


6 Modules: 6 Career-Changing Leadership Competencies.

Module One

Debunk Imposter Syndrome

We see ourselves through a distorted lens that skews the assessment of our capabilities compared to peers.  We'll learn how to accurately use data and evidence to take inventory of strengths and areas that need improvement, then get right to work with a specific action plan!

Module Two

Negotiate Like A Boss 

Pay gaps continue to exist in great part because of systemic foolery.  Truth is, sometimes we fumble the bag because we either don't know or aren't confident enough to ask for exactly what we want. You'll learn how to price and communicate your value, and to make the right moves to get more (and less) of what's best for you.

Module Three

Refine Your Leadership Presence

Never mind the antiquated prototype of what a leader "should" look, sound, or act like. You can only be a leader if you can persuade others to follow.  We'll refine your personalized leadership presence and style, as well as how you communicate your leadership vision that you want others to buy into and follow.

Module Four

Manage & Lead Your Team To Success

You may lead a team as a manager, and also be accountable for achieving your own results.  Unfortunately, there usually isn't much training for how exactly to do this and be really good at it.  We'll teach you how to establish performance indicators for yourself and your team, prepare for and have "difficult conversations", ask for and give direction, and the art of "managing up" when you need to delegate a task to your manager or higher up.  All through an equity-centered lens.

Module Five

Optimize Your Networking &

Job Hunting

Online resumes, social profiles, and virtual business cards, Oh My! Whether you're a consultant, jobseeker, or looking to increase your social capital, it's important to be thorough with ways to connect to your target audience or potential employer.  Trust, they scour these sources looking for you and who you know; your successes and connections become there's, too. You'll learn how to create a professional brand, a savvy online presence, and a marketing strategy without feeling overwhelmed and overexposed to attract the opportunities of your choosing.   

Module Six

Design Your KSA Action Plan

By the end of 12 weeks of active weekly participation, you will have a plan of action toward your goals including

  • Vision/Values/Motto Statement
  • Resources & Capacity Dashboard
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Progress¬†Tracking Tools
  • Self-Care & Self-Advocacy Plan