Selflessness is killing you, Sis.

W.E. mean that literally and figuratively. The data on health, wealth, and overall freedom for Black women and women of color tells us that society doesn't do right by us; and if we're honest, sometimes we don't do right by ourselves either. This isn't about blaming ourselves. Like many of us, you might not have been taught how to create the self-care and self-advocacy system you need to protect, restore, and enrich yourself because you thought, or were told, that was selfish.
This is for you.
Dr. Wise and Dr. Ellis (W.E.) have developed a research-based and practical "how to" Selfmore System that teaches you how you can be and have more in 5 main areas of your life that will bring you more peace, more resources, more opportunities and more YOU for you.
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Become a Selfmore Woman
Self·more /ňąselfmôr/ adjective - as W.E. define it
1. The highest act of compassion, agency, and self-care one can have.
When someone lives selfmore, they show up in the world whole, healthy, unapologetically, and with authenticity. The selfmore woman dismantles the myth that they must give everything, including their own well-being, for the benefit of others. 
2. Someone who challenges and deconstructs the lie that they must be useful to, and in service of, others in order to prove their worth.

What's The Selfmore System? 

What W.E. know from our extensive research and lived experiences is that when women are provided the appropriate tools and support, they tend to have more in their personal and professional lives.

More boundaries, more peace, more resources, more fulfillment.

To equip you with these tools, W.E. have created a comprehensive Selfmore System that incorporates our 3 C's: Centering, Coaching, and Celebrating diverse women through culturally relevant content and wraparound support to teach you how to be and have more in.  Over the course of 6 weeks Selfmore Sojourners (you) will have weekly video lessons, weekly podcast episodes, and weekly Q&A opportunities with Dr. Wise to help you implement your learnings and answer your real-life challenges, in real time, with real solutions.


5 key areas of greatest impact and opportunity in your life:


Unit 1:  Yourself

Learn how to create the personal life and career you want and deserve - by first prioritizing and protecting your wellbeing, then setting your Selfmore vision and goals.


Unit 2: Your Theater

Learn how to set and enforce your "life's theater" rules (boundaries), and the art of the Personal Intermission.


Unit 3: Your Coins

Learn how to assess and reset your relationship with and mindset around your money, including who deserves it.


Unit 4: Your Experiences

Learn how to "protect the rock" (self-care), and rebuild even higher (self-advocacy).


Unit 5: Your Moves

Learn how to implement your new Selfmore Strategic Plan, get unstuck, and map out next steps for any career challenge or opportunity.




What's the Selfmore Sojourn?

It's a 6-week intensive virtual sojourn (journey) self-paced course that culminates with your very own Personal Strategic Plan in the above mentioned areas: Self, Theater, Coins, Experiences, and Moves.  You'll finally get the structure, tools, accountability, and support you need to put yourself on your long list of to-do's. You'll have an expert coach on your team so you're not on an island trying to figure it out on your own.  Think of it as a self-care vision board and a self-advocacy New Year resolution put together, but with specific and actionable next steps to meet your goals.



  • Setting and being accountable for your body, mind, money, and spirit care goals

  • Inviting and keeping the right people in your personal and professional life

  • Building a life of financial ease without the downsides of being the "Rich Auntie"

  • Limiting experiences that weather you, and increasing those that restore you

  • Mapping next steps for personal or professional change with clarity and purpose

  • Decompressing and healing from the workplace traumas you've been subjected to in a safe and supportive space.


  • Letting self-limiting beliefs steal your motivation, career advancement, and joy

  • Having one-sided relationships because others don't respect your boundaries

  • Feeling guilty or obligated to share your resources just because you "got it"

  • Feeling overwhelmed and like life is happening to you instead of for you

  • Delaying your next big life or career move because you feel "stuck"

  • Complaining about "what they do" and take back control of your joy




6 weeks of online course lessons, Q&A opportunities with a coach, and tools for action and accountability toward your self-care goals:

  • Weekly video lessons with illustrated slides led by Drs. Wise & Ellis
  • Weekly¬†podcast episodes to listen to on the way to and from work, or during that precious little time you get to yourself each day
  • Weekly Q&A¬†opportunities with Dr. Wise
  • Weekly "Quick Wins" action items for immediate, limit-busting mindset results in your personal and professional life
  • Downloadable worksheets to design your Personal Strategic Plan
  • Exclusive members-only private coaching offers at unpublished and deeply discounted rates.
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What Brings Us To This Work?

For us, it's personal


I've experienced firsthand what I call the Black Cinderella Syndrome, where I did the work of three people in the workplace because I thought it made me a good "team player", but folks still went out of their way to try to keep me from getting my ticket to the (advancement) ball. I advanced to executive leadership positions and success as an entrepreneur in spite of all the microaggressions. I maintained my peace and I learned some invaluable Selfmore strategies that I want to share with other women to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Camille Broussard Wise
Founder & CEO of Wise Leadership Consulting

I remember the day I learned about the power of the isms in the workplace like it was yesterday. The pain of realizing that, although I had the most knowledge, the most skills, the most poise, the most loyalty, the fact that I was expendable almost took me out. I had the degree, I had the title, I had the experience, I paid my dues, and everyday I still had to justify my seat at the table. When they told me "you need to cut that hair" I knew I had to "Reclaim My Time." In order to live #Unleashed, I had to learn firsthand how to be selfmore.

Dr. Addie Ellis
Researcher, Writer, Founder #UnleashedYou

W.E. can teach you and coach you through because W.E. know, firsthand...


About that job...


You thought that giving more of your time and taking on more would mean that they would value you more. That you would be paid and promoted more because you've been conditioned to work "twice as hard". How's that working out for you, Sis?

About them people


You thought that "carrying everyone else's water" by taking on their burdens as your own meant you were a good "team player", friend, partner, or relative.  That if you gave selflessly that your sacrifices would be noticed and rewarded. Has that been helpful, or has that left you feeling more depleted?

About those finances 

You thought because you were making more money that you owed it to others to "help" them. You're judged for choosing how to spend your own money, and you can't get out of the grind-gratification-guilt cycle that's weighing you down.  Did it get lonelier as you climbed the financial ladder?

About those "isms"

You thought more strength and resilience were enough, but racism, classism, sexism, ageism and all those other isms are still weathering your body, mind, and spirit.  Did buying into the "strong Black woman" trope help or hurt you?

Meet The Wise - Ellis (W.E.) Team

Dr. Wise and Dr. Ellis met during their doctoral studies. Combined they have over 55 years of experience in public administration, K-12 and higher education, government, nonprofit management, and challenging systemic foolery. They are real-life scholar-practitioners who didn't get all these degrees just to hold power over others, but instead, to use education and coaching to empower women.


Get to know Dr. Wise

As an accomplished leader, college professor, leadership coach, and social justice change agent, Dr. Wise brings a wealth of knowledge of how "isms and phobias" negatively impact Black women and women of color, personally and professionally. This unique expertise and shared experience helps to create a rapport and learning environment where client's feel understood, affirmed, and safe. Her coaching curriculum and style focuses on positive, asset-based mindsets and strategies to do more than just cope with life's challenges; she helps clients identify and pursue opportunities they hadn't felt competent or confident to go after before. She teaches women how to identify and debunk the self-limiting thoughts that keep them from experiencing all the joy and success they desire and deserve. Clients have described her coaching as equal parts mindset coaching, skillset coaching, and "immediate pain relief" by providing actionable solutions client's can implement right away.


Get to know Dr. Ellis

Speaker, facilitator, researcher, educator, entrepreneur, thought-leader, mentor, advocate, Grandma, Mom are just a few words that describe Dr. Addie Ellis. She is fiercely committed to justice in all institutions. Not satisfied with finding bandages that merely mask problems, Dr. Ellis has guided individuals, non-profits, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and corporations through sustainable strategic planning with a focus on racial and cultural justice.  She has a talent for quickly assessing root causes and assisting those with whom she works in finding and implementing lasting solutions.  Her ability to foster consensus solidifies the sustainability of the change processes she leads. She writes, speaks, and trains on the “Four R’s” of culture: Relevance, Reflectiveness, Respectfulness, Responsiveness.

Follow Dr. Ellis at dr_addie_ellis on Instagram, addieellis on LinkedIn, and CoachAddieEllis on Twitter

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